Profitability is the single most important measure to the health of your business.

We want to help you understand it, measure it, predict it, and grow it.


What is The Perfect P&L?

The Perfect P&L is your financial blueprint to maximizing profitability in your business. Profitability is the single most important measure to the health of your business. In order to maximize profitability, you need all four of these key elements:


  • An in-depth understanding of how profitability works and what drives profitability in your business.
  • An accounting system that accurately and reliably measures profitability.
  • A financial model that enables you to plan, forecast and predict the future financial performance of your business.
  • The skills and knowledge to combine all three of these into tangible, actionable decisions everyday to grow your business.


The Perfect P&L provides you with all four of these fundamental elements to guarantee profitability in your business. 



The Perfect P&L is made up of four modules that work in succession to equip the student with everything they need to maximize profitability in their business.


Module 1: The course begins by giving the student everything they need in order to UNDERSTAND what profitability is and why it's important. This is where we answer questions like:


Why is Profitability important?

How do I pay myself out of my business?

How much should I pay myself?

How do I leverage profit for growth?


Module 2: The next module is where we build an accounting system that allows you to accurately MEASURE your business's performance. In this module we show you how to:


Centralize your business's financial performance.

Setup a powerful Chart of Accounts (COA)

Create in-depth reports on your business's performance


Module 3: In this module we give you a Financial model that enables you to plan, forecast, and PREDICT the future performance of your business. Allowing you to make decisions through the lense of your finances. In this module we'll answer questions like:


How many employees should I hire?

How much should I spend on Marketing?

Can I give myself a raise?


Module 4: The final module is where we build a system that shows the student how to leverage their profit for consistent and sustainable GROWTH. We also teach you how to set systems in place to keep your financial decisions accountable to the goals you set.


When can I afford outsource my systems to a VA?

What month do I need to increase my ad spend?

How much should I pay my next employee/contractor?


We've seen so many businesses and entrepreneurs with amazing ideas, systems, and offers fail because they don't understand finances. Your businesses finances don't have to have power over you any longer.





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Located in the heart of Annapolis, Maryland ABR Consulting is a strategic advisory firm which helps entrepreneurs and business owners measure, predict and grow profitability in their business. This is achieved through the implementation and utilization of effective management, financial and tax accounting processes and systems within the businesses we work with.

We're currently OPEN to taking on new clients. If you'd like to learn more click the button below to be directed to our site where you can set up a call to speak with us. 



The Profit Club

The Profit Club is a community that is enables members to collectively learn how to leverage their profits for exponential growth in 2019. 

ABR Consulting wants to equip The Profit Clubs members with all the tools an entrepreneur needs to make 2019 the most profitable year yet.




Dave Rogenmoser: Founder of Proof

"He has singlehandedly given me a lesson in finances." "He's allowed me to start to hire more employees, have a better profit margin, and grow my business."

AJ Rivera - CEO Of Freedom Coach

"Adam has litterally saved my business thousands of dollars helping get my financials in order. Thanks to Adam I finally feel at peace with our business stability and was even able to give myself a raise. If you want to be a real entrepreneur, you need to run your company like a real business."



Corey Gladwell: Three Time Bestselling Author

"Adam has helped me see what all four of my businesses look like financially, with detailed breakdowns and projections. This has saved me thousands of dollars, while adding thousands more to my income stream. I strongly recommend working with Adam and his team to help you take control of your finances."

Adam Erhart - CEO of Siren Consulting Firm

"As a digital marketing strategist knowing your numbers is one of the most important parts of my job. Which is why I couldn't be more grateful for the whole ABR team for building me a custom reporting dashboard that allows me to track, measure, monitor, and most importantly, make educated financial decisions based on facts rather than feelings. Thanks to working with Adam I now have a crystal clear picture of where I've been, where I am, and where I'm going and things look brighter than ever."


Joel Erway: Founder of The Webinar Agency

"We were really confused as to what our numbers were and what our strategies were. I don't run a big team and don't know finances. When I was talking to Adam he was going to take all my data and turn it into actionable goals and growth." "He walked me through what my numbers actually meant."

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